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48-hour long hackathon · By Hack Club PRC

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About HackFledge

HackFledge is a student-run Hackathon established to provide students with a platform to learn, grow and develop the technology of the future. Our mission is to promote, educate, and enhance the community around us by giving students the platform to learn and create technology. We understand that students need a platform to showcase their skills and talents and to learn something new and to be able to make a difference in the world, so we do provide a platform for them.

HackFledge Prizes

2nd Prize Neymar


1st Prize Prize1


3rd Prize 3rd prize


HackFledge Special Prizes

3rd prize


  • ₹15,000 for the best hack built on Ethereum +Polygon OR 10,000 for the best hack built on Ethereum
  • Eligibility to apply for internship/full-time roles and seed funding of up to 5,000 USD for winners!
3rd prize


  • ₹ 20,000 for best Dapp built on Tezos Continuity grant opportunity
  • 5,000 USD for an outstanding project.
3rd prize


  • ₹20,000 for the best of IPFS and/or Filecoin
  • Microgrants upto 5,000 USD,open grants up to 50,000 USD
3rd prize


  • ₹20,000 for the best Dapp built on celo

Participation Perks

  • Limited Edition Swags for first Lucky Teams
  • Participation Certificates
  • Swags for all offline attendees


Social Welfare
Open Innovation


Frequently Asked

A hackathon is an event where creative minds come together to create amazing projects in a short time frame! We are tech oriented, and Hack Fledge is focused primarily on software and hardware hacks. Come with an idea, or just to have a fun time!

All students of all majors are welcome! This includes university undergrads and graduate students. Hackathons are great for all coders, designers and creative thinkers who are passionate about solving a problem. Whether you're building your first website, dabbling in Photoshop, or making the next cryptocurrency, Hack has a place for you.

Depends on what you are looking to make! A little background in programming will be helpful, but you will have plenty of opportunity to join teams and learn from us, students from other schools, and mentors. We'll also have workshops if you are interested in learning a particular skill. There is plenty of time to learn something new!

We'll be using Devpost for all submissions! On Devpost, there is space for you to describe your project's inspiration,challenges you had, tools you used, etc. In terms of presenting your project, each team will submit a demo video and their code.

No worries! While teams can be specified on the application, you wont officially create your team until the event. We hold a team formation social before the hacking begins.

You can build whatever you want: websites, programs, mobile apps, anything! However, all code must be written during the hackathon - feel free to use open source libraries and APIs.

All communication will be via Discord, opening and closing ceremonies will be through Youtube, and workshops will be on Zoom! We will make sure to send attendees a detailed document 📄 with a schedule of all workshops, their topics, and how to access them.

A computer 💻, some creative ideas 💡, and power extension cord.

Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!